Sat Nav

The two video’s below give you an idea of how the Sat Nav is used on the driving test. A number of the setting such as the road number and destination as show on the signs the DVSA have switched off.

The sat nav as used on test will only give you the exit number on a roundabout or tell you to turn left or right.

When using the sat nav the road number and town are shown on the top of the screen well before the roundabout or junction.

Never stare at the Sat Nav always have quick glances and only when it is save to do so.

You can use this information to check the sign and choose the correct lane when approaching a roundabout or junction.

When you are on test don’t be afraid to ask the examiner  such as “ Are we going towards Durham “ they will tell you.

Remember you are NOT going to fail your test if you go the wrong way as long as your position and indication is correct for the way you go.

Yarm Road to Blackwell via A66

Video One

This clip takes you from Yarm Road to Morton Park, Stadium and Bland's Corner Roundabouts.

Please take a look at the Morton park video’s for the way to negotiate the two Morton Park roundabouts.

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