Module 1

Introduction & Town Driving

Observation, judgment and awareness.

Eye Contact

Consideration for vulnerable road users

Being cautious ( but not over cautious )

Keeping space around your car

Module 2

All-Weather Driving.

Driving in rain, snow, mist, fog and bright sunshine.

The causes, prevention and correction of skidding

Braking on poor surfaces and aquaplaning.

Module 3

Out Of Town Driving & Rural Roads

The main differences from town driving.

Observing the road ahead

Making progress safely.

Bends, hills uneven roads and dead ground.

Keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Safe overtaking

Module 4

Night Driving

The importance of headlights

Adjusting to the dark

Driving at dusk and dawn

Judging speed and distance

The correct use of lights


Anticipation and awareness of pedestrians, cyclists etc.


Module 5

Dual Carriageways

Effective observations.

Judgment and planning

Joining and leaving

Overtaking and lane discipline

Correct use of speed

Module 6

Overtaking and lane discipline

Courtesy to other road users

Motorway fatigue

Breakdown procedures

Use of lights, including hazard warning lights

Debris on the carriageway



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